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What Is A Responsive Website Design?

Simply put, a responsive website responds to whatever device is viewing it and renders something that is pleasing and easy to use no matter what kind of device it is, e.g. a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a smart phone. The mobile and tablet market has quickly gained traction and currently over 50% of web traffic is viewed from a mobile or tablet device! That means if your site is illegible on a phone, you are missing out on customers.

Let me show you some screen shots of a recent site I developed to show you what I mean. This guy is a DJ and a damn good one at that. This is what his site looks like on a decent slightly higher than average monitor resolution of 1680x1050.

Looks great huh? Easy to read, big slider and slides to highlight specials and on a big monitor your site probably looks great too. Now watch as we take it to iPad resolution of 1024x768. Still easy to read and the sliders have resized automatically.

If you're lucky, your site might still look ok becuase this was a fairly popular monitor resolution in the old days and the fact that the mobile browser will probably try to squash it into place. The real problem comes when you get to smart phones. This image below is a typical resolution of 480x640 and this site still looks good because it is a responsive design. You'll notice that the menu has changed because phones don't have a click action, just a touch action. Now look at your site on a phone and see if you can select a drop down menu correctly. Chances are neither you nor your customer can.

You don't even have to have a phone to check if your site is responsive or not. Just pull up your site in a browser and resize the window to tall and narrow by dragging the lower right corner. If you see scroll bars form like this screen shot below, then your site is NOT responsive and you should contact imageCrafting today.